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New ART Monday!

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”  -Ronald Dahl

Another FULL week!

The grass is greener, the trees are sprouting!  We are all celebrating the start of a beautiful, warm, spring in Bozeman, MT!  🙂 🙂 🙂  I can’t wait to get outside to paint!  I am almost set-up, so expect some paintings en plein air next blog!

This past week I started a few new paintings, finished one Monument, and had a great time collaborating with students at Hawthorne Elementary to paint their Cornhole boards for the Celebration of the Arts!  To top the week off, we had a sun-filled class at Dry Hills Distilleries’ Sip and Paint night (call them to sign up for our next one on June 1st)!


Enjoy the gallery!

Don’t forget to get your mini-artists signed up for summer camp!

Until next week!



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“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”  -Pericles


What a busy week!

New brushstrokes, new art lessons, LOTS going on!

Let’s begin with my own art practice this past week.  I continue to contemplate Monuments and how I want to represent them, how I feel about them.

It’s tricky because I don’t want to JUST paint what I see.  I’m striving to share the soul of the place with you, the viewer.  These Monuments are beautifully warm and energetic landscapes…the dance between them, my brush, and your eyes captures my heart and attention.

We’ll see what happens as this series progresses…  I am grateful to have this time at my easel.    

So many AWESOME Artists the past week allowed me to be their Art Guide!

  • We painted our fur family members at Paw-Casso (hosted by Dee-O-Gee) on Wednesday!  At each class, I have adults come to paint despite what their nerves might be telling them.  They are uncomfortable…and they show up anyways.  There is so much to be learned on the other side of fear.  Cheers to everyone who took the risk and created with me!
  • Mini-Artist’s created landscapes with layers of color, pattern, and repetition at Great Beginnings Montessori on Tuesday!  These kids will try anything, and they are immersed in the present.  I love teaching them and seeing their creativity explode and grow!
  • Collaborative Art Projects are one of my favorite processes!  Watching, and helping, a group work toward a singular artwork is absolutly inspiring.  We are better together!  They learn and grow so much from one another. This week, we painted a vibrant landscape full of jumping trout and blue waters…on a saw!

Another amazing week filled with my own art and sharing art with some amazing people!

This week!

Join me at Dry Hills Distillery for Sip and Paint night this coming Thursday night (May 4th).  
More cool collaborative art projects coming up at Hawthorne Elementary School before the end of the year!

Whatever you can do to create this week…cook, dance, paint…just get out and do it.  You’ll thank yourself afterwards.

Until next week!

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Quick DIY art-hanging tricks!

Quick DIY art-hanging tricks!

Spring is in the air!  Get ready to freshen up your spaces with new color, new art, or a simple re-arrangement.

On a budget?!  

Take a look at my artwork and browse the work of MANY additional artists for great prices, high quality prints, and a satisfaction guarantee.

What is the best way to position my art?

Measure the amount of wall space you have to work with and work out your arrangement on the floor. Don’t forget to include lamps and wall sconces into your arrangement.

Is my art going to be too big, too small??

Consider proper scale when decorating your walls. Support large furniture with large wall hangings and small furniture with small wall hangings.

How high should I hang art?

When hanging pictures above furniture the general rule is between 6 and 8 inches. If your art is not going to be above furniture, hang your pictures at average eye-level.

Happy decorating!



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Let’s have an ART PARTY!

Did you know that I teach a variety of private and group art lessons?!  🙂



Off site private events can be booked ANYTIME!

Grab your favorite people, some food, a drink of your choosing…and prepare for a great time!

The painting time is approximately two hours of art-making fun. 


I will arrive early to set up and help with the painting clean up.
– You choose the painting!  If you need help with inspiration, I would be happy to send you ideas.

– There is a 10 painter minimum to come to you.
– The cost is $35 per adult painter (15+), $30 per student artist (under 15) and includes all materials- a canvas, paints, brushes, etc.


Outside of Bozeman?!  I can come to you! 
– There is a $150 travel/set up fee for travel anywhere more than 30 miles from my studio in Bozeman. This also includes set up for art materials- paper for your tables, water cups, napkins, and easels and aprons.

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Walls Crave Color Too

The sun is out, days are longer, and color is returning to our lives!  What a fresh breath of air.

Out with the old, bring on the NEW!

Update your walls or office with a custom mural, painting, or print.

Wild or calm, large or small…

Nursery, hallway, or kitchen…let me help bring art into your world!

Check out the gallery above for 11 ideas ranging from classroom collaborations, home decor, color at your place of business, and art in original places.

Are you an interior designer?!  Contact me, I’d LOVE to work with you!

Interested in a creative upgrade?!  Comment here or message me for a free 15min consultation including a zero commitment art estimate.


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Spotlight! Artist in Residence information!

Art is important, for so many reasons.  

Are you looking for more art in your life, or in are schools??  Read more to learn about the variety of residencies I provide.

The arts help to expand cognitive abilities and develop creative thinking skills at a young age that will carry over through the process of education and into adulthood.  Creative problem solvers will be the next engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovative individuals.  We must train our students to succeed in education.  This means teaching to all of the various intelligences and allowing the most authentic voice of each individual to be heard.  Everything is possible in our lives, and art showcases the bewilderment of the great unknown more than any other subject matter.

School Art Programs

Montana Artist in Residence MT State info

As a Montana State Certified K-12 Art Educator, the possibilities of school residencies are endless!  I have taught year-long drawing classes, collaborated with entire schools to create murals, connected art projects to a local gallery, art history, and national exhibits in addition to having a great amount of practice creating specialized projects.  I have experience combining technology with education, and I have taught art to a K-grey audience.  I would love to connect art to your current school curriculum and standards or design an independent project specific to your needs.  Though my personal love is paint, I teach a variety of media.  Please contact me for questions, a list of project ideas, or for a referral from one of my current residencies.

Arts Standards according to grade level:


.56 cents per mile

Supply fee depending on lesson

Grant Funds are available


Residencies (references available upon request).

Butte Central Schools, Butte, MT

Great Beginning Montessori, Bozeman, MT

Hawthorne Elementary School, Bozeman, MT

Emily Dickenson Elementary School, Bozeman, MT

Belgrade Intermediate Schools, Belgrade, MT

Hawthorne Elementary School, Helena, MT

Hylight Elementary School, Bozeman, MT

Lamotte Elementary school, Bear canyon, Mt

Healing Art Programs

Arts and Healthcare Residencies

I offer a variety of art-making offerings depending on populations as well as their goals, needs and abilities.  Focus will be on art as a process of self-discovery, fun, and practice.  I work with therapists and other professionals as the “art guide on the side” helping to use art to heal and bring about happiness.

All ages and abilities welcome.  Can’t visit my studio?  I can travel to you.  Contact me for more details.


.56 cents per mile

Supply fee depending on lesson

Grant Funds are available


Additional in- house or PIR day residencies are available for teachers as well as other populations.  

The options are endless, let me design a program that works for you.

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Thank You for your part in my Journey.

Welcome to my Weekly Art Blog Update!


Tonight is the night!  

Art Reception at Holter Art Museum in Helena, MT


Join me, I’d love to see you!

With that in mind, I would love to take a moment of pause to sincerely thank every single person who has helped me to be where I am at this moment.    

I’m not even near the top of my field and I have plenty of room to learn and grow…  But I am proud to be filled daily with work I love to do.

I am proud, and exceedingly grateful to be here. Now.

Thank you.

Helena has a special place in my heart, I grew up there.  This small little town in Montana is full of inspirational people and landscapes.  A perfect place to grow up dreaming.

One of my high school art teachers sent me this picture, below.  It is his invitation to my Holter opening tonight with a cattle marker piece I did almost 20 years ago (I had to triple check that as I wrote it, wow…that’s a few days ago).

Twenty years ago I threw that artwork away.  He grabbed it out the garbage and it’s been on the wall of his art room for all this time.   Thinking about who I was when I created that piece, and the full circle that is today…fills me with a crazy sense of time, emotion, and appreciation.

The presence of the full moon in all of these artworks (both old and new) seems like something I should pay attention to.

So I looked it up, thank you google.

A Time of Opportunity.

A Full Moon is a lunar phase that happens when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun…

The full moon is a time of positive opportunity , wholeness and strength, illumination, and energy.

If these last 20 years are a full lunar cycle in art-time, I really enjoy seeing the full moon again for whatever symbolic meaning there is.

“Dear Universe” my latest series of artwork continues…







And the words behind the wet paint…

If you are interested in more ponderings and information, check out my latest newsletter!

Allison McGree Fine Art February Newsletter


For now, enjoy your weekend.  Jep (studio pup) and I will do our best to do the same.



Art Reception tonight at the Holter, 5-8pm

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Hello November!

“There is something beautiful and revitalizing about autumn. When the leaves fall the world is surrendering. Letting go of the pieces and parts that can no longer serve in a positive way. Trees hold strong to their core and survive the storms; but every good tree knows that as time goes by, the leaves will come back and we all get to start again.”


This time of year forces a slowing down; shorter days, cooler temperatures, and change on the horizon.


Autumn is a season of transition in many ways. For me, it’s a chance to remember to live on purpose (and not to get swept away in a hamster wheel of motion). Slow Down, find the flow, focus on the sweetness of the present.
Be Present.
Be Open.
Be Faith-filled.
Be Truthful.
Refine, refresh, refocus…
Be Brave.
This holiday season I will be putting SUPER Allison effort into both holiday shows and giving as many amazing holiday deals as I can muster to you. Make sure you’re on my newsletter and I hope you find some new art to start off your (or your loved one’s) 2017.

In the Studio:

  • Holiday Art Sales (make sure you’re on my mailing list)!
    Shop online for prints or originals, order commissions or visit my studio (Downtown Bozeman) by appointment!(406) 431-6911
    Get great deals on original artwork!
  • Holiday Open Studio ART Party
    • Please join me in my studio for your holiday shopping!
    • December 9th (5-9pm) and 10th (10am-4pm)
    234 E Babcock Studio 2I
    Bozeman, MT 59715
  • Holiday Windows, Holiday Cheer, and Holiday Painting Parties!
    Booking now! Call or email to get signed up or to ask for a free estimate!


LASTLY!  If you made it this far, you rock.  Please keep this coupon as my November thanks to you!

20% off all originals, cards, in-house prints with FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

Visit my online store or my studio in person.  CODE: thankfulseason2016

Unfortunately, if my prints or art swag is not in house, I can’t extend this discount.  My apologies.

Offer ends at midnight on 11.30.16

Happy November.  🙂 Let us all seek out gratitude and flow this season.  xo-Allison


A sneak peak of life in the studio.


Layers of Flow

Original Oil on Canvas