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As a Montana State Certified K-12 Art Educator, the possibilities of school residencies are endless!  I have taught year-long drawing classes, collaborated with entire schools to create murals, connected art projects to a local gallery, art history, and national exhibits in addition to having a great amount of practice creating specialized projects.  I have experience combining technology with education, and I have taught art to a K-grey audience.  I would love to connect art to your current school curriculum and standards or design an independent project specific to your needs.  Though my personal love is paint, I teach a variety of media.  Please contact me for questions, a list of project ideas, or for a referral from one of my current residencies.


.56 cents per mile

Supply fee depending on lesson

Grant Funds are available


A short excerpt from my thesis:

The arts help to expand cognitive abilities and develop creative thinking skills at a young age that will carry over through the process of education and into adulthood.  Creative problem solvers will be the next engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovative individuals.  We must train our students to succeed in education.  This means teaching to all of the various intelligences and allowing the most authentic voice of each individual to be heard.  Everything is possible in our lives, and art showcases the bewilderment of the great unknown more than any other subject matter.

Residencies (references available upon request).

Butte Central Schools, Butte, MT

Great Beginning Montessori, Bozeman, MT

Hawthorne Elementary School, Bozeman, MT

Emily Dickenson Elementary School, Bozeman, MT

Belgrade Intermediate Schools, Belgrade, MT

Hawthorne Elementary School, Helena, MT

Hylight Elementary School, Bozeman, MT

Lamotte Elementary school, Bear canyon, Mt

Healing Art Programs

Arts and Healthcare Residencies

I offer a variety of art-making offerings depending on populations as well as their goals, needs and abilities.  Focus will be on art as a process of self-discovery, fun, and practice.  I work with therapists and other professionals as the “art guide on the side” helping to use art to heal and bring about happiness.


.56 cents per mile

Supply fee depending on lesson

Grant Funds are available

What is the healing power of art??

An excerpt from my thesis:

Art making helps to “solve problems, release powerful or distressing emotions and to recover from traumatic losses or experiences and can alleviate pain or other physical symptoms” (Malchiodi ix).  The impact of art for many involved in art making is extremely healing.  Creation is a way to “help people who are depressed, anxious, or in crisis to use art making as a way to take care of themselves, as well as to communicate trauma and loss” (Malchiodi 159).  Uncovering the layers of our subconscious selves sheds light on our motivations, habits, and outlook.  Knowing ourselves further allows us to exist in a richer personal environment, an important impact of art making.


Bozeman Cancer Support Community

VSA : The State Agency on Arts and Disabilities in MT

Eating Disorders of Montana

Highgate Senior Living

Touchmark Assisted Living, Helena, MT

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