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Allison McGree is passionate about the arts in the community as well as in education. She has an M.A. in Holistic Arts Programming, Practice, and Outreach with an emphasis on sustainability, community, and public art as well as a K-12 Art Education Certificate.

“In my work I try to emphasize the enormous beauty in simplistic images. I hope to help others to take the time to stop and to begin to notice simple moments of splendor. I use light, reflections, and bright colors to transform objects from seemingly mundane to painterly and stimulating. In capturing and painting awe inspiring “moments,” I hope to share a connection with the viewer of my artwork.”

Artist in Residence | Wine Dine and MAKE ART | Public Art Projects  2017 Summer Camps

For all classes:

GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE! Contact Allison for more info.

LIFE HAPPENS!  Please call ASAP (24hrs minimum) if you can’t make it, I will refund your payment or sign you up for another option!

Having technology issues?!  Questions??  CALL ME (or email).  (406) 431-6911


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